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Arid seed plantin

What We Do

Surveying team
Maireana specie seed
Spreading seed pellets
Seed selection
Seed germination
Seed scattering
Arid land preparation
Planning and seed selection

Nurture Revegetation will assist in the assessment and selection of the appropriate native species required in a particular geographical area to meet local provenance. We can utilise existing Ecosystem Function Analysis (EFA) assessments to aid in the species selection. Seeds held in a mine's own seed bank collection can contribute to the seeds used in our processes or sourced from recognised native seed merchants. Our planning takes into consideration any desire or requirement to stage revegetation over a period of time.

Seed preparation and pelletisation

Seeds that are sourced with from the mines own reserves or from commercial sources are tested for viability. Only pre-tested seeds with correct quality and viability parameters are used in the seed embedding process.The process involves applying the appropriate growth stimulants to ensure optimum germination of the viable seeds. The various species of native seed are batched into bags (i.e. 5kg bags) on the basis of the assessment of the required distribution for specific areas. This enables the end user or distributor of the seeds to apply the pelleted seeds directly.

Application of seed to the sites

Whilst we are available to assist with the distribution of the pelleted native seeds to the respective sites, one of the benefits of this product is that we are not necessarily required to be involved for the distribution stage.Seeds can be supplied as blended mix of selected species; bagged and ready for immediate application. Onsite distribution can be managed by the mine staff or local rangers. It is our experience that one person can spread embedded seed at 0.25 hectares per hour over prepared difficult terrain, and more on easy terrain.


Nurture Revegetation work in partnership with Ellworx - Mine Seeding Machines, to deliver efficient, cost-effective, seed sowing solutions

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