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Northern Star Resources Jundee

Northern Star Resources

Jundee - Nim Blue WasteDump

Sowing seeds on a mine site
Minesite revegetation

A modest revegetation program was conducted at the Nim Blue Waste Dump at Jundee mine.


Plant species for the Nim Blue trial were selected on the basis of being native to the area, and from an analysis of previous environmental surveys, which helped to identify species most likely to establish on modified landforms with limited topsoil and with earthworks to manage erosion.


Twenty two species were selected on this basis, encompassing upper canopy large acacias and eucalypts, mid-storey species and ground covers. These were applied by hand to the freshly worked sloping land form at Nim Blue. Seeds were applied in November and a survey to assess recruitment was undertaken in April 2017.

Whilst we did encounter a good rain season, there is strong evidence of germination of plants from soil seed banks, and good establishment of local naturally dispersing plant species like Salsola, salt bushes and grasses. The presence and abundance of specific species of Acacia, Senna and Kennedia can only be from the pelleted seeds applied. Recruitment of identified species was far higher in the pellet treatments compared to nil seed and naked seed treatments.


With a conservative estimate of ~7,500 plants per hectare from 20 species, and with ongoing recruitment from late germination and increase in plant size we expect that this site will be looking good and progressing well into the desired long-term stable ecosystem. 

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